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Spin-Orbit (mis-)Alignment Theory:
Feb. 10, Wednesday 2 PM, Ocean Room

N-body Simulations and Planet Formation:
Feb. 17, Wednesday 3 PM, Ocean Room
instigated by: Susanne Pfalzner

Planetary Evolution During the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution:
Feb. 18, Thursday 3:30 PM, Ocean Room

Mean-motion resonances in planetary systems
May 7, Friday 2:00 PM, Ocean Room
instigated by: Ewa Szuszkiewicz

Planetary Winds and Outflows
May 14, Friday 2:00 PM, location = Ocean Room
F. Adams, P. Arras, D. Sing

Observations and Gas Giant Formation Channels
May 17, Monday 2:00 PM, Ocean Room